Validating ASP pages


I've been using your services for years to validate ASP pages on the
website I maintain  ... 

O at the beginning (oh... 5-6 years ago), I was able to put in an actual
URL into your validation page and it would check the page via the web;

O then you improved what you had and I no longer could input a URL
(about 2 years ago?) ... I had to either copy to the source code of the
page and put this into a file and then upload the file OR put the source
code directly into "direct input" option; no problem ... pages would
validate and the extra steps I had to do I could live with ... 20 July
07 was when I used this improvement last

O today 31 July 07, when I went to validate, once again you have
"improved" the validation service... now no matter how I put the code to
your validation service (direct input/URL/upload ... it will not
validate).  And just imagine ... that very same page validated just 11
days before.

Do you know of any other validation services that I can use or download
to check my pages to ensure they valid?  Or, do you think you might go
back to your previous version that worked?

Patty Hoskin


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Received on Tuesday, 31 July 2007 18:24:42 UTC