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Dear Validator team,
First of all, congratulations on the (SVG) validation service. It's a very useful way to push the community torwards standards compliance, though it (SVG) currently seems a bit outdated.  Looking forward for Unicorn port! In the meantime, I've made a few tests ( <> ) and would like to leave a few comments:
error #XXX: line: XXX
The 'version' attribute of the <svg> element has a fixed value: it can not be changed.
This isn't true: (currently) one is able to specify version, according to SVG Mobile 1.2 specification ( <> )
error #XXX: line: XX
The <svg> element does not allow a 'baseProfile' attribute belonging to the "SVG" namespace.
Again, this is (currently) valid, according to SVG Mobile 1.2 specification ( <> )
warning #XXX: line: XXX
The SVG validator could not compare the 'width' attribute and the 'rx' attribute of the <rect> element: the unit identifier for the 'width' attribute is not an absolute unit identifier.
This seems to be a coherence validation which is a smart idea, though it seems possible to compare this using relative unit identifier: if both are relative (and defined, obviously), they can also be compared.
All tests performed using version 1.0 of the validator. Also, the upload option of the validation seems to be broken:
Servlet has thrown exception:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Not a directory: J391175046-0
Finally, as the feedback link of validator page ( <> ) is broken ( <> ), I take the opportunity to point this out and also ask you to forward this information if necessary.
Best regards,
  Helder Magalhães
Helder Miguel Alves Magalhães <> 


Received on Tuesday, 31 July 2007 12:19:32 UTC