suggestions for UI improvements

Some thoughts that can help in making the UI design cleaner:

matters that partly go away when JavaScript is turned on (though no 
mention of it):
looks like tabs, but aren't
much repetition: 4x "validate by"

important notes not very noticeable:
-I suggest changing "Note: file upload may not work with Internet 
Explorer on some versions of Windows XP Service Pack 2, see our 
information page on the W3C QA Website." into "(does not always work 
with some versions of Internet Explorer)" as a link to the information 
page on the W3c QA website and positioned right after the file-upload button
-I suggest changing "Check the markup (HTML,XHTML) of Web documents" 
into "Check the markup of Web documents<br>(<a>HTML</a>, <a>XHTML</a>, 
<a>SVG</a>, <a>MathML</a>, <a>SMIL</a>)<br>
<i><small>for CSS-, RSS/Atom- and link-checkers see <a>other validators 
and tools</a></small></i>
-I suggest a prominent "how to improve?:<li><a>install 
locally</a><li>help on <a>the source code</a><li><a>donate</a>.
- maybe put "About News Docs Help & FAQ Feedback" within the big top 
blue bar, positioned at the right
(maybe just "About" to refer to all the further information, maybe put 
the top news item headlines in the page itself at the right side)

some FORM elements, or INPUTs are grouped a bit awkward: for example the 
3 radio button options with direct input

Received on Tuesday, 31 July 2007 09:50:31 UTC