Re: set_parse_mode() and triggering W08


On Jul 27, 2007, at 05:45 , Nikita The Spider The Spider wrote:
> Congrats on the new version of the validator. IMO the new look is a
> big improvement on the old one.


> I have a question about the check
> script, and I hope it isn't out of place here.

No, of course not.

> I'm trying to understand the conditions under which the validator will
> generate certain warnings. The function set_parse_mode() in check can
> trigger warnings W06 and W08 which are similar. I can trigger W06 by
> validating a document that meets these conditions:
> - Mime type = text/html
> - Doctype either absent or FPI not in the validator's catalog
> - No XML declaration.
> Looking at the check script, I *thought* this would trigger W08 via
> the test on line 1979.

Indeed, it looks like a bug in that test. However, the fact is that  
W06 now "includes" W08 in a way, and has a better explanation. Taking  
a bit of distance from the code, I can't really find a reason to keep  
W08 any longer, do you?


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