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That's very interesting! Thank you for the heads up, and your expedient

Take care
- -Michael

olivier Thereaux wrote:
> Hi Michael, hi Chris.
> On Jul 26, 2007, at 05:41 , Michael Behan wrote:
>> Hello. I use the firefox web-developer toolbar along with the shortcut
>> ctrl+shift+a to post the current page to the validator.
>> I noticed that in one case, the output of the validator was itself
>> invalid. Here is what I did:
>> 1) I visited
> OK. Let's call this "page 1"
>> 2) hit ctrl+shift+a
>> Came up valid
> OK, so far so good. Let's call this result document "page 2".
> Its URI is and it has been accessed
> through POSTing the content.
>> 3) Hit ctrl+shift+a again on the validation results page
> What I have trouble understanding here is that the source shown in the
> result is not at all the content of page 2. I thought "validate local
> content" was uploading the actual content of the page to the validator,
> apparently here that's not the case.
> It looks as though the second time around, instead of posting the
> content of page 2, the toolbar requested validation of
> This is not the behavior expected from
> "validate local content".
>, when called with GET and with no
> parameter, is an error page saying "please give me something to
> validate". What you spotted is that this page is not valid. I will fix it.
> I am copying the mail to the developer of the mozilla toolbar (Hi
> Chris!), in case he knows what's going on with "validate local content".
> regards,
> --olivier

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