Re: Minor bug&

Just to add to this thread as I believe this is part of the same bug. I am
getting the following three failures when using the new validator.

   1. Error  Line 56, Column > 80: 26 AM;">Rafe <img
src="/images2/aright.gif" alt="&raquo;.
      , Nick n Vic"><span>Jim, Nick n Vic</span></a></li>

   2. Error Line 58, Column > 80: 01 AM;">Rafe <img
src="/images2/aright.gif" alt="&raquo;.

   3. Error Line 36, Column 7: 13 AM; Country: Ireland;">Cara <img
src="/images2/aright.gif" alt="&raquo;.
      <div id="outercontainer">

There are actually ten lines which are very similar and where the &raquo;
appears in the image alternate so why it only throws three errors is a
little confusing.

It doesn't report what the error is and the code is valid as far as I can
see. It validates through the htmlhelp validator and always has before
through your own. The only thing I can think of that has changed recently is
the w3c validator.

As I said, I believe this is part of the same bug Brian is speaking of and
last occurred at 05:44 GMT on the 27th so it would be after your fix.

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