Re: Support of Charcter encoding BIG5-HKSCS was disappear.

While the page was valid without any warning yesterday, I see two warnings now.

1. Conflict between Mime Type and Document Type

2. Rare or unregistered character encoding detected

The first warning is false. My page is declared as HTML 4.01 Strict and therefore should be served as "text/html", with or without the "charset" parameter. I think this warning is issued wrongly and should be removed. I will create a XHTML page served with "application/xhtml+xml" and test it with the validator later.

The second warning is somewhat true, since "Big5-HKSCS" is rarely used outside Hong Kong, though all major browsers support it. I am fine with this warning because it can encourage the use of Unicode.


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Date: Friday, 20 July, 2007 09:29
Subject: Re: Support of Charcter encoding BIG5-HKSCS was disappear.

> On Jul 19, 2007, at 13:27 , Franklin Tse wrote:
>> Thanks! However, "big5-hkscs" is not yet listed in the encoding  
>> selection list on the validation page. I think "big5-hkscs" should  
>> be added there.
> Indeed, that was the missing step. Now done.
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> olivier

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