Re: Why Doesn't Google Validate?

This is first time that I hear that somebody improved ranking because
HTML code validates. I have seen examples when people do not use
DOCTYPE, have errors in <script> tag that is not properly closed so
whole document should be javascript comment but because of "Quirks
Mode" browser (IE) render page but google "text only" shows blank

On 7/14/07, Jump2Top . <> wrote:
> This is a great article..
> I do see the ranking difference between w3 compatible site and others...
> I have an SEO client who is a broker.. We spent months on his website
> to get top ranking..
> But we were not able to get it on Google.. We had more work than all
> other competitors' web sites..
> Finally, I figured out that his website had 102 W3 errors ( He had his
> own web master at that time ).. It was long time ago..
> His web site is  #2 on Google #1 - #2 - #7 on Yahoo, MSN, etc etc ,
> after fixing all those errors..
> Now, W3 validation is my first priority on web developments, and SEO tasks..
> Thanks
> Troy


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