Re: Validation XHTML with php

Bonjour Jean,

On Jul 8, 2007, at 22:36 , Jean Pousseur wrote:
> I have just a little php code in my page :
> <?php
> include ("count/mv3a.php");
> ?>
> located  just after <body>

Remember, as far as the validator is concerned, whether you use php  
or fortran to generate your page does not matter. Only the resulting  
markup does.

> I don't figure out why I can't obtain a valid XHTML:

Because it has markup errors ;)
* you have an opening <html> element in the middle of the page, get  
rid of it
* you have a <body></body> pair that doesn't belong, somewhere in the  
same location
* you have a broken </html (note the angle bracket mismatch)

> May I request your help ?

Generally, you should not really be asking such questions on this  
list, as it is, in principle, specific to discussing bugs and  
development of the validator, not to ask help on valid web  
development. Consider looking at:


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