Re: Validating one of my web pages

Michael Adams wrote:
> *** QUOTE ***
> When script or style data is the content of an element (SCRIPT and
> STYLE), the data begins immediately after the element start tag and ends
> at the first ETAGO ("</") delimiter followed by a name start character
> ([a-zA-Z]); note that this may not be the element's end tag. Authors
> should therefore escape "</" within the content. Escape mechanisms are
> specific to each scripting or style sheet language.
> The following script data incorrectly contains a "</" sequence...
> *** END QUOTE ***
No, the script contains an arbitrary character combination as a comment 
(within apostrophes "'").

> If it is illegal then your code is wrong. Period!
Well this discussion leads to nothing. So I'm not going to change my 
code whatever the validator says.

O. Wyss

Received on Saturday, 7 July 2007 09:25:26 UTC