Re: Validating one of my web pages

Michael Adams wrote:
> That document highlights the issue AND offers the solution. If you 
> escape the slash in your code on line 40 your page will be valid. ie
> This: ...'" class="folder">'+folders[i]+'</div>'); to this: ...'"
> class="folder">'+folders[i]+'<\/div>');
True, but this backslash is a rather silly hack around a problem the
validator should be able to handle correct. The offening '</div>' is
clearly within a text which may never be interpreted as code by the
validator. On the other side even when interpreted it should be accepted
as correct since the code within the full text is obvious valid
standard compliant and not even especially complicated.

So the validator should either stop interpreting texts as code or
should be able to handle Javascript correctly as any decent browser can
do these days.

>  problem is one thing and creating side issues around poor code is 
> onother.
Sorry if I get upset, my code is not poor, elso show me first how to do
it better.

> Otto; all browsers try to make allowances ...

I quiet well know that. Yet if you still think my code needs these 
allowances I have to assume you have no idea about real world 
programming. Besides this single problem my code is valid throughout the 
full web site and this problem isn't because my code is wrong!

O. Wyss

Received on Friday, 6 July 2007 19:35:26 UTC