will https validation be available soon?

  I just installed the validator on one of our servers. After reading
all the conf files and documentation and making all the necessary
adjustments, I loaded one of our https:// URI's in the validator
form and it returned: "https" not supported...
According to the documentation and conf files:
# Protocols the validator is allowed to use for retrieving documents.
# The default is to allow http and https.
   Allow = data,http,https
(from validator.conf)

....the https stream is supported. I also searched the mailing list and
bugtrcker. But the only entries were from quite some time ago (years)
and didn't seem to quite apply. Of the three entries in the bugtracker,
two indicated they were resolved. Am I missing/misunderstanding something?

Thank you for all your time and consideration in this matter.

  Chris H.

system: freebsd-6.2
websever: apache-1.37x
crypto: openssl-0.971x
php: 4.4.4x
www-validator: 0.74

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