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Re: XHTML 1.1 as text/html

From: Sierk Bornemann <sierkb@gmx.de>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 17:27:25 +0200
Message-Id: <43FFB0DF-BAF4-4E9B-B0B6-CBC4C93B3D18@gmx.de>
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Am 26.04.2007 um 17:03 schrieb David Dorward:

> On Thu, Apr 26, 2007 at 12:25:30PM +0200, Sierk Bornemann wrote:
>> Because validator 0.8 beta doesn't send an accept header to the
>> webserver, the webserver doesn't know, that the validator also
>> accepts "application/xhtml+xml".
> That's a bug in the webserver then. The HTTP spec says to assume that
> a client supports everything if it doesn't say otherwise.

I use a mod_rewrite rule to rewrite "text/html" into "application/ 
xhtml+xml", if the client says, that it supports this mimetype.
If the client says nothing, this rule isn't able to match.

>> The easist and in my eyes the user-friendliest solution would be, if
>> the validator 0.8 beta simply would send an accept header and would
>> behave in this manner like a common client.
> In my eyes, the user-friendlyiest solution would be if your server
> didn't serve a document under a mime type marked SHOULD NOT under any
> circumstances.

See above. See also my full quotet mod_rewrite rule earlier in this  
The normal assumtion from the webserver *is* "text/html". It is just  
only then rewritten by mod_rewrite, if the client says, that it will  
accept "application/xhtml+xml". If not, "text/html" is served.

Sierk Bornemann
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