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I am creating a new website and i decided to realize it in standard HTML 4.01.

I need to use Flash objects and i just discovered that i can't use <embed></embed> if i want to be fully HTML 4.01 standard, as the W3 validator says.

I read but this is TOTALLY useless.
At the end, we only discover that we have to say goodbye to <embed> tag.

You say that <embed> is not a stadard (X)HTML... but you know (i guess you know) that your "preference" for <object> is a "Microsoft" preference...

I usually test my web sites with some browser (IE, Opera, Firefox and Navigator and sometimes Mozilla) and only IE, at the moment, supports <object> as desired.

I see a very simple solution: include <embed> in the (X)HTML standars! 
I really don't understand why you don't do it when you see that the latest browsers use it!

If you don't do it i can only think this is a stupid thing because a good site will be not validated only for that stupid single tag.

Here ( i only discover that i have to replace the <embed> tag with <img> tag... What??! Are you saying that we have to say to our users that are using a no-Microsoft browsers "We are sorry W3 doesn't like your browsers and so you can't use completely this site and you cannot see our flash movies..."

If you have any REAL and easy solution for that BIG problem, i'd like to know it...

If you don't have any idea... include <embed> in your standard or change your validator system!

Best regards,

Stefania - Italy

Received on Friday, 13 April 2007 02:01:38 UTC