Re: Utf-8 problem

> I am correcting a large website that was created last year.  As I  
> correct each page, I have it validated by the W3C markup validator  
> page.  I have not had a problem finding the errors and correcting them  
> until now.  The message I get is that the page failed validation because  
> on lines 157, 187, 198, 254, 262, 274, 344, 366 contained bytes that  
> could not be interpreted as utf-8 and the page could not be checked.  I  
> have checked the page over several times, and do not understand what I  
> am looking for.  I cannot see any code that is not allowed.  Please help.
> The page is  
> Thanks.
> Laura L Brewer, website designer
> LauraLee, LLC

My guess it the pages were created in a word processor, with "smart  
quotes" / "smart apostrophes" enabled. These are the sections with the  

"the bones Folsom man�s Bison"
"the Visitor�s Information Center"
"Apache Canyon � Glorieta Pass"
"Hermit�s Peak"
"But Indian raids weren�t the only danger."
"New Mexico dwindled as tourists� interest shifted"
"If they couldn�t make it, it wasn�t available."
"you are crossing what could well be dubbed �Cattle Drive Alley�, where  


Received on Wednesday, 11 April 2007 00:57:40 UTC