Re: Problem with validator

Frank Ellermann wrote:

>> Not really. Fieldset isn't allowed inside paragraphs in XHTML 1.0
>> either. The only difference is that the error message emitted by
>> the validator is confusing in a different way
> It won't bark at the </p> without first reporting that something
> is wrong at the <fieldset>.

No, it will just tell you to use an object to make things alright
instead, which is even more misleading since that usage is forbidden by

> Those implicit tags in HTML are hell
> for ordinary folks not knowing the DTDs and the SGML rules by heart
> - maybe for everybody minus Jukka and you.  

I have this thing called "a manual" and the ability to memorise the
very, very small number of places where a block can contain only inline

> Of course it's served as text/html, it's designed to work with "any"
> browser, almost a decade ago.

Any browser that gets HTML 4.01 wrong in the first place. <sigh>

> Learning appendix C by heart was easy, my browser made sure that I did.

You have a browser that complains when you don't use an XML prolog with
a non-UTF-8/16 encoded XHTML as text/html document, no matter what the
HTTP headers say? And also flags up stylesheets that aren't referenced
by an XML processing instruction? Great, that could be useful. What
browser do you use?

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Received on Friday, 6 April 2007 20:06:49 UTC