Re: [VE][108] Error Message: XHTML Role Attribute

Dear Andreas,

While I agree that font-size: 86% is not something I would recommend,  
and while I'm sure we all appreciate your passionate contribution to  
this mailing-list, I would like to recommend the use of a more  
diplomatic and didactic tone, rather than confrontational.

For instance, instead of what you wrote:
> You are clueless!
> What's the point of XHTML 1.1 with the stupid "font-size: 86%"?

I would suggest:
1) stating politely your opinion that XHTML 1.1 may not be the wisest  
choice for today's Web documents
2) explain why you think font-size: 86% is a bad idea, or point to a  
resource explaining why, such as

Harsh words do not fix cluelessness, they just add layers of  
frustration to it. That is *not* the kind of outcome this mailing- 
list is designed for.

Thank you,

Received on Wednesday, 20 September 2006 01:25:47 UTC