[VE][64] Error Message Feedback

Validating http://www.ttocsmij.com/index.htm
Error [64]: "document type does not allow element X here"

Error  Line 59 column 228: document type does not allow element "a" here.

....+ 'webmeister' + '@' + 'ttocsmij.com">' + '09/13/06' + '' ...

The element named above was found in a context where it is not allowed. 
This could mean that you have incorrectly nested elements -- such as a 
"style" element in the "body" section instead of inside "head" -- or two 
elements that overlap (which is not allowed).

One common cause for this error is the use of XHTML syntax in HTML 
documents. Due to HTML's rules of implicitly closed elements, this error 
can create cascading effects. For instance, using XHTML's "self-closing" 
tags for "meta" and "link" in the "head" section of a HTML document may 
cause the parser to infer the end of the "head" section and the 
beginning of the "body" section (where "link" and "meta" are not 
allowed; hence the reported error).

[ Just for fun I thought I would try to validate my home page against 
XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Had to re-define line spacing, add some 
formatting, and add type tags and lots of slashes. But the XML parser is 
confused by a closing tag that is inside quotes as part of a 
document.write function. Have a nice day! ]

Received on Tuesday, 19 September 2006 21:36:53 UTC