Re: Question regarding HTML validation

<> wrote:

> Our customer suggests
> another HTML validator tool because they claim that the W3C Validator
> is not very strict when validating HTML content.

Make that 'SGML content', and I agree.  I've been using NSGMLS locally for  
years and never had any funny issues.

> The tool our client suggests (CSE HTML Validator) generates some
> different results when validating the documents.

That's a lint, not a validator; a validator checks conformance to a  
generalised machine-processable syntax, a lint reflects the opinions of  
its author and asks you to trust that ("I'll be careful, baby" & "the  
check is in the post" come to mind).

> Can you please verify if we are XHTML 1.0 Transitional
> compliant if we only use your validation tool,

The W3C validator as is cannot really validate X(HT)ML (but then, CSE  
cannot 'validate' anything; be nice and file a lawsuit).  The 'valid'  
resource might not even be well-formed (but SGML-valid all the same).


Received on Saturday, 16 September 2006 01:17:52 UTC