[FYI] public preview of new "unicorn" tool, a centralized conformance checker

Dear all,

[apologies for the cross-posting. Note that there is a new list for  
this tool, which I have set up in the reply-to for this message]

“Why do we have to use so many tools to check a single Web document”  
is a question that has been on the mind of the W3C QA team for a  
while. And I am happy to show you part of our answer today:


The Unicorn is a project that has been under development for the past  
5 months, with the goal of creating a "centralized conformance  
checker". Instead of reinventing the wheel and building a conformance  
checker for everything, this tool is built as an aggregator of  
observations made by different QA tools: validators, link checker, etc.

For more info on the project, links to feedback mechanisms,  
documentation and source, see:

Thank you.
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