Re: I'm sure you are sick of ampersand issues as I am

Hi Clive,

On Nov 27, 2006, at 09:03 , clive.bradley@tiscali wrote:

> But...
> While validating XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN
> I have been going round in circles with my links
>     <a href="foo.asp?cat=12&dog=13" .....> failed

Yes, ampersands are the signal for the beginning of entities in HTML,  
so they need to be escaped, everywhere.
(I wrote a bit more info on this just yesterday - see if it helps you  
understand the issues at hand: )

> The inner html between <a ....> and </a> contained "foo &amp; bar"

You mean you had an URI in your href that contained spaces? Spaces  
are usually not allowed in URIs, you will get around to that by uri- 
encoding the spaces as %20.

> are you sure this validator is working properly ?

for that matter at least, yes it is ;). You're just hitting some of  
the annoying parts of HTML and URIs technologies...

Hope this helps.


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