valid-html40.gif won't show on my page

Dear W3C Validator Team,

The website has been passed by the
validator as html 4.0 transitional.... however when adding the gif image to
the page and viewing on a test page - it DOESN'T show - I have tried
downloading the image locally and referencing this, but it still doesn't
show on the page.

If you go to the image has
been placed in the left hand column, beneath the product menu and credit
card icons (direcly after the credit card icons)... but it doesn't show on
the browser screen, and when you view source of the page, and search for the
switch image.. it shows in the code??

Can you offer any suggestion as to why the image isn't visible as I'm
totally confused and the site owner is keen to advertise the fact that we've
gone to the trouble of making the side W3C valid!


Louise Phillips

Received on Monday, 20 November 2006 15:22:21 UTC