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Hi Ralph!

At 14:44 11.11.2006, Ralph Ursprung wrote:

>I tryed to check a .php file with upload. The validator sayed me, that 
>he doesn't understand .php files.
>Is it posible to check .php files otherwise?

As Olivier stated before, and as the Name "Markup Validator" says, the 
W3C Markup Validator is to parse and to validate Markup and not the 
source code of a Scripting Language or Programming language which 
eventually outputs Markup.

To ensure valid, correct PHP Markup output, you should use Tidy from or a TidyLib-based tool like Tidy for PHP 
from or mod_tidy for Apache2 from
In your case, I think it is the best to activate and use the Tidy 
extension in your PHP installation, which is part of PHP5 and just has 
to be activated and configured to your needs (for PHP4 it exists as an 
PECL extension). and
can give you more information how to use and configure the PHP tidy 
extension the right way.

Your that way tidied up Markup output should pass the W3C Markup 
Validator easily.

Sierk Bornemann

Sierk Bornemann | Hannover | Germany

Received on Tuesday, 14 November 2006 15:24:19 UTC