Re: error messages does not matches real world

thanks for your feedback!
I will try to incorporate your sugestions about CSS border-spacing, but
i havnt so far.
Hopefully this will work.
Thanks for this tip.
About "evil" frames:
iam developing an insurance page for a customer and we came to the
decision to use frames to get a better SE ranking for a particular page
with the most popular keywords.
In the main frame all pages point via a link to the "main" page to give
a little of theire PageRank to the "main" page. the main frame is of
course indexed. The second frame on the left side isnt indexed, but
contains a menu to navigate through all pages. If a page get called
outside the frameset a javascript redirect is triggered to load the
complete frameset.
If you like, you can check it out:
Its still under construction.
With simulated frames (to be able to navigate through all pages) the
pages has to be linked again each other, where the PageRank will be
distributes evenly over all pages.
This you couldnt do by div simulated frames!
In this case iam gratefull for the "devil".
PS: i have to have proper HTML code since this is required by my

Received on Sunday, 5 November 2006 13:28:59 UTC