Error Message Feedback


Either I'm doing something wrong or the validator is not working.  It's
giving me incorrect errors such as it's telling me that "id" and "name"
are not valid attributes.  That my </HEAD> tag is already closed when
it's not.


1.	Line 33 column 13: there is no attribute "NAME".

       <form name="aspnetForm" 

"name" is very much an allowed attribute and required in my company.


1.	Line 3086 column 40: an attribute value must be a literal unless
it contains only name characters.

                        <table width=100% cellpadding="0"

It's my understanding that "100%" is a valid value for "width" and that
quotes are not required.

Can someone shed light on why its giving me these errors that obviously
are not errors?

Dean Bell (Volt)


Received on Saturday, 24 June 2006 02:14:03 UTC