Re: Validator can't connect problem

On Mon, 2006-01-30 at 13:01 +0000, Mark Mower wrote:
> I have recently installed the W3C Validator service on a Fedora 4
> server..
> I am able now to validate uploaded files or by typing in HTML text.
> When I try and validate a Uri I get the following error message (I
> tested by validating
> 500 Can't connect to (Bad hostname '')
> [...] 
> Does anyone have an idea as to why I get this error message?

SELinux problem?  Unfortunately the Validator doesn't quite work with
the targeted SELinux policy of FC3+, and I'm not aware of specific
instructions how to fix that at the moment apart from disabling SELinux.
See /var/log/audit/audit.log and/or /var/log/messages to determing if
this is the case.

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