Re: Tool request

Danny Ayers wrote:
> A little ps. on this thread -
> Sean B. Palmer has put together a script very much along the lines
> described earlier - "Validate With Logos", for (X)HTML, using the W3C
> Validator.
> I'm hoping he can be encouraged to add hooks for the Feed Validator
> and RDF Validator too ;-)

It would be very easy to add code that performs this function to the
Feed Validator itself.

What would be considerably harder is convincing people to install the
feedvalidator on their own machines.

Having a cgi-script run on my machine every time somebody fetches a
staticly-served page on your machine, multiplied by the number of people
who also see a value in this... well, that simply is a non-starter.

- Sam Ruby

Received on Saturday, 28 January 2006 20:02:14 UTC