Re: Error Message Feedback

On 10 Jan 2006, at 22:08, <>  
<> wrote:
> I get this result in checking the URL


> Line 54 column 84: end tag for "B" omitted, but its declaration  
> does not permit this...

The actual problem here, which the validator is trying to point out  
with the limitations of its parsing method, is that your tags are not  
nested properly.

Note that the marker for the error is on the </div>. The validator,  
here, is telling you "hey, you're closing the <div>, but you have not  
closed the <b> that was in the <div>. In some languages that's ok to  
close it implicitely, but here it's not.

Just move the </b> before the </div> and the error should go away.


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