HTML 2.0 + i18n (was: Validation of XHTML with other namespaces)

olivier Thereaux wrote:
> Indeed, you found a bug

Credits to the OP... ;-)  I'm up to something new, what do
you think about <> ?

IMHO you should have the RFC 2070 DTD in your collection,
if (and only if) it's correct.  I tried to extract it, and
to add an absolute URL as identifier to the DOCTYPE.

So far that apparently works from the W3C validator's POV:

   This Page Is Valid -//IETF//DTD HTML i18n//EN!

My use of the valid "HTML 2.0" icon is of course dubious,
I've copied it from my similar "2.0 strict" test page.    

The WDG validator is happy with the page and identifies
it as "Level of HTML: HTML 2.0 + i18n" with a pointer to
a copy of RFC 2070.  

In other words, you might find a more reliable source for
the DTD there, if you want to add it to your collection
of supported DTDs.  IMHO you should, it could be the most
simple form of HTML with I18N for e.g. error pages.  Bye

Received on Tuesday, 10 January 2006 10:01:40 UTC