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On your options help page I note two editorial/proofreading issues.

For the "type" override switch you state:
"This allows you to override the DOCTYPE declaration for you document. You 
may use this option for test purposes, but you will eventually have to serve 
your document with the correct character encoding, ..."
This occurrence of "character encoding" I believe you intended be "DOCTYPE". 
You did a copy and paste of the "encoding" switch text and needed to make 
changes two places but did so in only one.

Further down the page under "Interpreting the results" you state "... 
somewhat higher level of technical detail then your average HTML document 
....", where the "then" should be "than".

R. W. Crowl

P.S. Thank you for providing the validator service. It has been tremendously 
helpful. Also the tips page, which I would never have found otherwise. 

Received on Friday, 6 January 2006 04:54:44 UTC