Re: problems with W3C::LogValidator

On Apr 11, 2006, at 7:43 PM, olivier Thereaux wrote:
> I can imagine two things happening:
> - you have a really, really large number of documents in your logs,  
> and it takes an awful long time for the logvalidator to process  
> everything - it sleeps for one second between requests to the  
> validator, and if the validator is overloaded, . The verbose output  
> should show you if that's the case. Try setting different values  
> for either EntriesPerLogfile, MaxDocuments or MaxInvalid. To speed  
> things up, you may also consider installing an instance of the  
> validator on your network, and point the logvalidator there,  
> instead of the public service at, which it uses as  
> a default.

This is, I believe the problem. After tweaking these parameters, I've  
been able to get some results. I'm going to see about installing an  
instance of the validator for our own usage.


Received on Tuesday, 18 April 2006 17:35:03 UTC