FeedValidator : a Ruby library to access the W3C Feed Validation online

FeedValidator is a Ruby interface to the W3C Feed Validation online
service, based on its SOAP 1.2 support.

It helps to find errors in RSS or ATOM feeds.

FeedValidator add a new assertion (assert_valid_feed) which you can use
in Rails applications. This assertion implements a cache to improve the
performance of the tests and to not abuse of the W3C Feed Validation
online service.

= Download

The latest version of FeedValidator can be found at:


Documentation can be found at:


= Installation

You can install FeedValidator as a gem:

gem install feedvalidator

Or you can install it from the tarball or zip packages on the download
page and then extract it to your lib directory as you would with any
other Ruby library.

= License

FeedValidator is released under the MIT license.

= Support

You can find the Feed Validator RubyForge page at

Edgar González González
E-mail: edgargonzalez@gmail.com

Received on Tuesday, 11 April 2006 15:06:59 UTC