Re: file: referer

Jukka K. Korpela wrote:
> Opera uses the value. Lynx does not. Lynx shows the value as
> the initial value of the field, but that's just because Lynx
> does not support file input at all

My Lynx just did it, I saved the validator page with the file
upload form as h:/tmp/emo/x1.htm, then I added (end of <head>)
<base href="" />, and in the <input> I
set value="h:/tmp/nemo/x1.htm"

Click on check => "tentatively valid" (no character encoding
found - for the real page it's probably set by the the server).

> On the other hand, file: URLs have nothing to do with file
> input.

It's what my favourite brower (not Lynx ;-) sends as referer
if I try to use a /check/referer link while looking at the
local file instead of the published file.

No idea why Lynx doesn't send a referer for files - I didn't
use option noreferer.
                         Bye, Frank

Received on Sunday, 25 September 2005 22:14:39 UTC