Re: [FeedValidator] Bug with feedvalidator and xml: attributes

Uche Ogbuji wrote:
> If I go to and paste in the direct entry
> field this example taken from
> :

At the moment, the w3c folks have not released their changes back to the 
feedvalidator, so if you have questions specific to the w3 validator, 
you will have better luck sending them to

> If I remove lines 3 and 4 (the XML attributes) the validator does seem
> to work.

It looks to me like xml:base isn't set up for form input.  In general, 
xml:base may be a relative URI, so my guess is that the error is in 
trying to resolve your base (even though you specified an absolute URI).

> * It complains about self reference matching hosted URI.  Does that make
> sense for something pasted in?  Also, this seem to me as if it should
> always be a warning, not an error.

I agree that this check doesn't make sense for form input.

> * It complains about the empty title element in the second entry.  Based
> on my reading of spec, this should be at most a warning, and should
> certainly not be an error.

In both this case and in the previous case, the messages issued are 
warnings (click on the [help] links and observe the URI) .  Obviously, 
the user interface could stand to be improved.

- Sam Ruby

Received on Tuesday, 22 November 2005 22:13:38 UTC