Re: Migrating the validator's experimental XML output to SOAP

* at 25/10 14:13 +0900 Olivier Thereaux said:

Thanks for the heads up on this.

> In version 0.6.0 of the Markup Validator, the users documentation [1]
> had a note about some experimental new featured, stating:
> [[
> The API and output format is subject to change without notice and may
> well be removed or disabled at any time. They are provided now to garner
> public feedback to determine how best to support this functionality in
> the future. One particularly likely option being considered is removing
> these features alltogether in favor of a full-blown SOAP interface.
> ]] -- [1](archive)
> However experimental and labeled "Here Be Dragons", the feature raised
> interest, and started to be used by some of us. Plans were made to drop
> it rapidly for a "real" SOAP interface [2], but this feature lost to
> other priorities, such as UI (error explanations, easier feedback) and
> architectural changes (templates). And now that the templates makes it
> much easier, and thanks to similar work for the CSS validator, the SOAP
> interface is here. Its model is closer to the EARL reporting language,
> and ti benefits from SOAP features, such as fault management. And of
> course, it has the advantage of not being Yet Another Homegrown XML
> Format.
> [2]

I assume that this doesn't apply to the information available in a
HEAD request? It seems to still be in the current development
instance. I'd certainly be in favour of it remaining as it provides a
very low barrier to programmatic access to the validator assuming you
don't care about the details of any errors in your pages.

> I do not know yet when this SOAP interface will be in production it can
> already be tested on our development instance [3], by adding
> output=soap12 to a query, but when we do, we'll also drop the
> experimental XML format. We could, and we may, simply say "you were
> warned" and just drop it, but the XML format, however experimental, has
> been around for quite a while (almost 3 years!), and we care about the
> service provided by programmatic access to the validator, so at least we
> are going to give an advance warning. 
> [3]
> How we will exactly proceed is not set in stone yet, and that's why I am
> sending this message. Struan, I have Cc'd you because I know you are an
> active developer of a programmatic access library to the experimental
> XML output. I am sure there may be others. I think it would be good if
> you were involved in the transition.
> One possible plan could be to:
> - finish documenting the interface, the namespace, and publish the WSDL;
> - backport the feature from the version 0.8.0-dev onto a 0.7.2 release,
>   with an output=soap12 access. The output=xml would still be available,
>   but deprecated;
> - and when releasing 0.8.0, the output=xml would be eventually removed, 
>   or replaced with the SOAP output.
> Your thoughts on this plan would be much welcome. Also, if you know of
> other people using the current XML output to access, or provide access
> to, the Markup Validator, please make them aware of this e-mail. 

Documentation would certainly be handy ;) I think hanging onto the xml
interface for a while would certainly be welcome partly as I know
nothing about SOAP so it'll take a bit for me to actually write the
code ;) 

Otherwise it seems fine with me.



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