Re: EARL output on the "Validate by File Upload" option.

Hello Ragnhild,

On 27 Jun 2005, at 20:27, Ragnhild Varmedal wrote:
> I have been trying out the Validator because we need some test  
> results in EARL for a project I am working on. The option for  
> producing EARL is working fine when I am testing with an  URI for  
> an online page, but I can not make it work when I want to do the  
> testing on an uploaded html-page.  I have tried both with your  
> online validator, a local installation with  a web server, and  
> running from the command line, but I cant figure out how to do  
> this. Is it possible at all?

In case of upload the request for validation is sent to the CGI via a  
POST request, so adding options is indeed not as easy as just adding  
them at the end of the request URI.

Since you have a local installation of the CGI, the easiest way is to  
customize the form. Replace htdocs/detailed-form.html in your  
installation with this file, and the "detailed" interface, including  
for file upload, should give you a choice of output formats. That's  
just a quick hack, but it should work.
Hope this helps.

Note that the EARL output has not been changed or checked in a while,  
so depending on which version of the validator you are running, the  
EARL output may be outdated, or plain broken. Please tell us how and  
whether it worked.


Received on Monday, 27 June 2005 12:28:52 UTC