height and width in valid icon code (Was: Minor "Problem")

Hi Chris,
On Jun 24, 2005, at 4:42, Chris Ware wrote:

> This isnít really much of a problem at all, but when a page validates 
> as valid XHTML, the same HTML to include the Valid XHTML logo is 
> provided whatever type of XHTML is used Ė strict or transitional.
> †
> The ironic thing is that including this in an XHTML strict document 
> will actually invalidate it because there are no such tags as height 
> and width.

I am not sure where this belief comes from, but unless I am mistaken 
height and width *are* valid attributes for img in XHTML1.0, even 
strict. See the discussion at:

That said... I have no strong feeling about having or removing the said 
attributes in the valid badge code. Does anyone on the list know if 
this is good/bad practice to have them?


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