Re: Validator fault message

On Thu, Jun 23, 2005 at 08:58:57AM +0200, Peter Thal wrote:

> I put a <ul> list in a <p> paragraph.
> Everytime i've done this igot this fault message.

<!ELEMENT P - O (%inline;)*            -- paragraph -->

P elements can contain things which are "inline"

<!ENTITY % inline "#PCDATA | %fontstyle; | %phrase; | %special; | %formctrl;">

inline things are %fontstyle, %phrase, %special, or %formctrl

You can keep following the links until you get down through all the
elements listed, but <ul> is not among them. It is a block level
element can cannot be contained inside a paragraph. (And as the end
tag of <p> is optional, opening a <ul> implies a close of the
paragraph, so when you hit the </p> there is no longer an open
paragraph for it to match to).

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David Dorward                            

Received on Thursday, 23 June 2005 10:54:26 UTC