Re: Validator is not working properly

On Jun 21, 2005, at 19:22, rahul gupta wrote:
>  I am sending a file "tng.htm", which is I am trying
> to validate
> and its result generated by my w3c-validator on LAN,
> loose.dtd is
> available there(, where RED is
> my web application and I am trying to validate all
> web-pages of this application though my w3c-validator
> on intranet.

You need not mirror the loose.dtd on your intranet: the validator, and 
most SGML applications as far as I can tell, will prefer the FPI 
("-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN") to the SI 
(""). You may read if you don't know what I am 
talking about, but basically, this is not relevant to your problem, and 
as Fred suggested, you should use the "classic" doctype declaration for 
HTML 4.01.

If I take the tng.html you attached, it validates without any problem 
in e.g This proves that the problem is with 
your validator instance... but we knew that.

The fact that your validator says that "the document is invalid" 
without giving any error is a common symptom of a broken, our outdated, 
opensp. Test it:
- in your validator.conf, find the line that gives the path for 
onsgmls. It should be something like /usr/bin/onsgmls or 
- from the command line, run `/path/to/onsgmls -v` The version given 
should be > 1.5

What I suspect from your original report that "the validator stopped 
working all of a sudden" is that a system upgrade (perhaps automatic) 
replaced the proper onsgmls with a bad version. Testing it as written 
above may confirm that.


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