Re: [VE][111] Error Message Feedback

David Håsäther wrote:
> On 2005-06-18 13:32, Felix Miata wrote:
> > Seems to me it could respond more helpfully when an error is closely
> > preceded by

> >       ="...><
> > or
> >       ="...>
> >       <
> The validator is supposed to point out where an error occurs, not try to
> guess where you made a mistake.

You people have a bizarre definition of where an error occurs. Line 40,
standing alone, was perfectly valid. Therefore by any normal logic, any
error recognized at line 40 either occurred previously, or is a
consequence of an error spanning multiple lines that include line 40.
The validator has no problem pointing back to an opening tag on a
previous line when a required end tag is missing, so why can't it point
out or at least allude to some mistake on a previous line?
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