Re: Validator All of sudden did not validate any valid web pages

On Thu, Jun 16, 2005 at 02:31:04AM -0700, rogz sth wrote:
> My validator all of sudden did not validate the valid
> pages. 

Your validator? Is this a local install of the Markup Validator? What

What does "did not validate" mean? Does it report errors? Does it give
you an error message? What error message does it give you? Do you get
a server error or time out? What do your server logs say?

> It was working fine for some days, did not change any configuration
> since it worked. 

This sounds unlikely. It is more likely that the system changed
without you realising (perhaps through some automatic update process),
or the pages changed (perhaps through a change in the server

> now it did not validate any valid pages.


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