Re: there is no attribute "HEIGHT"

Fred Marka wrote:
> I have not found any alternative solution to make a table
> vertically centred.  Do you have any idea?

I'd drop the plan to "vertically centre" a table.  And I'd use
<div align="center><table>...</table></div> instead of your
width="100%" trick.  

One HTML 4 source claims that <center>...</center> is better
supported, but my stoneage browser also likes the <div> trick.

It has however sometimes problems with 100% - I use 95% where
that's good enough.  Seriously, "vertically centred" makes no
sense, unless you're trying to zoom pictures to the (unknown)
window size of the browser.
                            Bye, Frank

Received on Wednesday, 8 June 2005 00:27:48 UTC