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Bug in validator?

From: Mathias Clarstedt <mathias.clarstedt@kanslan.se>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 05:42:34 +0200
Message-ID: <42E702AA.5040405@kanslan.se>
To: www-validator@w3.org

I hope Im not totally at wrong place with this. If Im I apologize for 
this! I have never  used  bugzilla before. And I dont know how to report 
a bug. But I cant figure this one out so Im thinking its maybe a bug.

Trying to validate my site but I get some weird error messages. Every 
link I have on the page gets added with server phpsessid when 
http://validator.w3.org/ is trying to validate my page. For example:
<a href="index.php?forum=start&amp;nr=0">
    <span class="spaner">Forum</span>
is becoming:
<a href= 

<span class="spaner">Forum</span></a>
when its validated.
This is a involuntary add of phpsessid in every link I have on my page, 
even links that not is dynamical created. My page is never going to be 
approved because the missing ampersand and I cant do anything about as 
it seams. Could this be a bug in the validator? I have no idea! But I 
know I cant do anything about this because its not in my hands. A copy 
of the content on the page when its "generated" is validated okej. I 
dont know if it got anything to do with it but my ISP still have 
register global on (PHP).

Im writing my webpage in DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
Im not getting this problem on one off my subdomains but its written in 
HTML 4.01 Transitional.
best regards
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