[VE][108] Error Message Feedback

I am trying to bring my web site up to XHTML standards.  I get the error 
message "there is no attribute "align"".  I have scoured the W3C 
tutorials for information on how to replace the align="" attribute but 
cannot find a way to get the same results that the align="" attribute 
gives me - specifically, I use the attribute to wrap text around 
inserted images.  With the align="" attribute, the image displays and my 
accompanying text is displayed alongside the image, either to the right 
or left, depending on on how I set align="" (if I set it align="left", 
the image appears against the left edge of the page and the text flows 
down the right edge of the image, the opposite for align="right").  
Without the align="" attribute, only one line of text appears beside the 
bottom edge of the image.  Using CSS, the best I can do is raise that 
one line of text to the top edge of the image, but then there is a big 
gap to below the image, where the text continues.  Please point me in 
the right direction to solve my problem so I may have an XHTML valid page.


Phil Huntley-Franck

Phil Huntley-Franck

Received on Saturday, 23 July 2005 04:39:28 UTC