[VE][105] Error Message Feedback

Validating Error [105]: "an attribute specification must start with a name or name token"
Validating Error [70]: "end tag for "input" omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified."

I have a series of checkboxes in a PHP script that all put their results into an array, they all look roughly like this

<input type="checkbox" name="wperms[]" value="1" />

When I try to validate this page I get error [105] as well as [70] on each one of these checkboxes.  It looks to me like the validator is getting messed up on the '[]' in the name, as in the validation errors I get its showing that my checkboxes have an extra quote that they don't really have, and look like this

<input type="checkbox" name="wperms[]" " value="1" />

I have double and triple checked to make sure that my input boxes look the way they should and everything looks perfect, so my question is this.  Does having the '[]' for my PHP array prevent validation? and if so shouldn't there be a different error message indicating the real problem, or is this simply a bug in the validator?

Received on Saturday, 27 August 2005 06:01:56 UTC