results page "Address" input field too short

A small request...

Would it be possible to increase the length of the Address (uri) input 
field on the results pages?

My test sites often have long URLs and it is time-consuming to scroll 
back and forth within the input field to change a couple of characters 
at the end to check a new page. It is even less convenient now that I 
recently switched to a Mac and the "End" key no longer jumps to the end 
of this field. It would also make it easier to see what page I am 
currently working with - if a page does not pass, that is the only place 
the URL is listed.

Increasing the size to be closer to the home page uri field length would 
be appreciated, as I use the validator many times a day, every day and 
there seems to be enough screen real estate to accommodate this.

Thanks for your consideration.

Sarah Fazenbaker

(I have not subscribed to the list, so if there is a response, please CC 
me directly. Thanks.)

Received on Friday, 26 August 2005 02:50:18 UTC