Re: not walid?

Martin Vičánek wrote:
> Why is not this code valid?
> <SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
>  if (navigator.appName != 'Microsoft Internet Explorer')
>  document.write ("<style>#menu LI.main A {display : block}</style>");
> Error Line 134 column 65: end tag for element "STYLE" which is not open.

This explains why it's invalid.

A better solution for your needs is to use a CSS hack or a conditional 
comment.  However, the best solution would be to find some CSS that 
works the same for all browsers, and only resort to the use of a hack if 
abolutely necessary.

This will apply only to Internet Explorer.  However, it will apply to 
both IE5/Mac and IE/Win.
* html #menu LI.main A {display : block}

If you only need it to apply to IE/Win, then add this comment hack 
around it.
/* Hide from IE5/Mac \*/
* html #menu LI.main A {display : block}
/* End Hiding */

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Saturday, 20 August 2005 08:58:48 UTC