[VE][55] Error Message Feedback

Validating http://quetzal.bizopiaweb.com/
Error [55]: "X declaration not allowed in instance"

(The page being used as an example has many errors, this message refers to 
error #17 at the time of writing.)

This particlar error message does not display a message beneath the code 
sample.  I assume this is because duplicate DOCTYPE declarations are rare, 
but as shown by the previous message they can occur.  Therefore, I would 
suggest giving this error a short description since the wording of the title 
alone is not clear.  I certainly didn't understand what it meant by "in 
instance" and neither did the person who made the site.

Perhaps making this error part of the "document type does not allow element 
[X] here" group would help understanding?  Duplicate HTML elements are 
captured by this group and that element is used in a similar way to DOCTYPE 
since they both can only appear once, as far as I know.

If duplicate DOCTYPE declarations are given a unique error message it could 
mention the possibility of using PHP to insert a section of HTML which 
incorrectly contains an additional DOCTYPE.

Ben "Cerbera" Millard

Received on Wednesday, 10 August 2005 14:02:45 UTC