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On Sun, Aug 07, 2005 at 12:13:51PM -0400, threerandot wagner wrote:

> What to do: The server does not allow HEAD requests.
> Go ask the guys who run this server why. Check the
> link manually.

> I have checked the links manually and they all work
> properly. 

I assume that means pointing your browser at the URL and seeing what
comes back. When you do that you make a GET request, not a HEAD
request. A HEAD request is the same as a GET request but asks the
server not to return the document, just the HTTP headers - this is all
that is needed to check if a link works, and saves on bandwidth (and
thus time and money) for both parties.

> Why should I get this message for each link?

IMDB doesn't accept HEAD requests.

> Is this a problem with my server or IMDB?


> Is this a bug with the link checker? 


> Any advice would be helpful.

Go ask the guys who run IMDB why they don't accept HEAD requests.

David Dorward                            

Received on Monday, 8 August 2005 08:20:26 UTC