[ANN] W3C Link Checker 4.2 released

            -= W3C Link Checher version 4.2 released =-

We released today a new version of the W3C Link Checker (a.k.a
checklink). This maintenance version fixes a few bugs, and includes
accessibility improvements for the tool's Web interface.

**  Use or Download the Link Checker  **

The Link checker is available as a free online service provided by W3C 
at:        http://validator.w3.org/checklink

The Link Checker is also available for downloading on the Comprehensive
Perl Archive Network (CPAN) at:
and can be used either as an online service or a command-line tool.

**  Credits and Feedback  **

Many thanks to Ville Skyttä, the team of volunteers maintaining and
developing the QA tools at W3C, and the link checker's users providing
feedback and bug reports.

You can help us improve the Link Checker by sending us e-mails with your
thoughts or bug reports to the *public* W3C mailing list www-validator:

Note that this list is used for feedback on several different tools, so
we suggest that you tag your messages regarding checklink in the subject
of your e-mail, e.g:
        Subject: [checklink] bug report - ....

**  Release notes  **

The additions for this version are:
- Complete review and simplification of the access keys used in the Web 
  interface. The access keys are now documented at:
- Bug fix: now redirects for private IP addresses.
- Architecture update, for better support of Apache2's mod_perl
- Other user interface improvements.

A full changelog is also distributed with the source, e.g at:

For the W3C QA development effort,
olivier Thereaux - W3C / QA / Tools

Received on Thursday, 28 April 2005 06:49:05 UTC